Just a few of my recent weddings

Twisted Ranch - Payne Wedding


Big family means big fun!  This sweet couple exchanged gifts in their look/no look session and she gave him the truck he regretted selling!  The night ended with glow sticks flying in the air with everyone cheering on their life together.

Avery Ranch - Heather and Eugene


Gorgeous wedding at Avery Ranch Golf Course and Event Center.  This couple was super fun and full of love for each other.  But the love that their family had for them made even me emotional.

Twisted Ranch - McPherson Wedding


Such a sweet couple with a relaxed vibe and reason to celebrate!  This was really fun!  This couple embraced the cold night and we got some amazing shots in the sneak out session!

Kara and Cody - A Ranch Wedding


This couple chose to invite their very best friends and family to a very intimate hilltop wedding.  It was breathtaking.

Sweet Family Ranch Wedding


This couple opted to stay close to home and have a family wedding on a family ranch.  It was beautiful and bright with all of the sunflowers and kiddos scattered around.

A Formal Affair


This couple opted for a downtown Austin wedding in a very historic house.  They had a wonderful evening and everyone enjoyed the house and all of its history.